As a leading provider of cold storage solutions, TKS Cold Storage Solutions understand the critical importance of preserving the integrity and viability of biological samples and compounds for bio-technology companies. Our specialized cold storage services cater to the unique needs of the industry, offering advanced temperature-controlled environments and cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal storage conditions.

Our state-of-the-art cold storage facilities are equipped with precise temperature control systems that maintain consistent and stable temperatures, ensuring the viability of sensitive biological materials. From DNA samples and cell cultures to vaccines and pharmaceuticals, our solutions are designed to accommodate a wide range of bio-technology products.

With a keen focus on quality and compliance, our facilities meet the strictest regulatory standards for bio-storage. We provide comprehensive monitoring and alarm systems to continuously track temperature, humidity, and other critical parameters, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of stored samples.

Our experienced team works closely with bio-technology companies to design and implement customized storage solutions tailored to their specific requirements. We understand the need for flexible storage options, and our facilities offer adjustable shelving systems, modular compartments, and secure storage units to accommodate various sample sizes and volumes.

TKS Cold Storage Solutions prioritize security and confidentiality, implementing stringent access controls and surveillance systems to ensure the protection of valuable bio-assets. Additionally, our facilities are backed up by reliable power supply systems and backup generators, providing uninterrupted storage conditions even during unforeseen circumstances.

Beyond the physical infrastructure, we offer advanced data management solutions to track and monitor inventory, enabling easy retrieval and audit trails. Our inventory management systems provide real-time visibility and facilitate seamless sample tracking, streamlining research and development processes for bio-technology companies.

With our comprehensive cold storage solutions, bio-technology companies can confidently store their valuable biological materials, knowing that they are preserved under optimal conditions. Our commitment to innovation, compliance, and customer satisfaction ensures that we deliver the highest standard of cold storage services to support the vital work of bio-technology research and development.

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