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The restaurant industry is known for its challenges in maintaining profitability. To lower operating costs, purchasing materials in bulk is crucial. Equally important is the design of your refrigeration system.

At our company, we understand that storage boxes often serve as reach-in refrigerators, requiring a refrigeration system that can quickly recover from the heat exchange in a hot kitchen.

With this in mind, we prioritize the design of our walk-in coolers and freezers, equipping them with heavy-duty refrigeration systems. Despite self-closing mechanisms on all doors, some employees may still leave them open during product loading and unloading.

Our systems are engineered for fast recovery, ensuring the freshness of your perishables and delivering cost savings.

Furthermore, we construct our doors with robust components specifically designed to withstand the rigorous demands of the foodservice industry. Heavy-duty hinges, door handles, and diamond steel kick plates are integrated into our door designs.

We specialize in designing and building walk-in coolers and freezers tailored to your specifications. Below are examples of potential layouts for walk-in coolers, freezers, or combination units.

Partner with us to create efficient and reliable refrigeration solutions that meet your unique needs, enhance product freshness, and maximize your savings.


Retailers are constantly striving to enhance their food and beverage sales through effective merchandising. When selecting glass door manufacturers, one crucial aspect we prioritize is the inclusion of large glass doors. These larger doors offer an improved product presentation, allowing for a greater showcase of items per door. For optimal results, we highly recommend the 30 x 79 door size. Our doors surpass others in the market by featuring 7 shelves, whereas most competitors offer only 6 shelves. Depending on your product size, you can utilize up to ten shelves per door.

In terms of door finishes, we have observed various trends, but the most popular and visually appealing choice is the black frame door. Black frame doors, particularly when paired with LED directional lighting, provide an exceptional product merchandising experience. The black door frame seamlessly blends in, enabling your customers to focus solely on the merchandise. To determine the number of glass doors that can fit in your space, you can refer to our Glass Door Configurations chart.

The food service industry invests billions in product packaging, and it is evident that the more visible and attractive your presentation is to customers, the more they will be inclined to spend at your establishment. By leveraging our high-quality glass doors and optimized merchandising solutions, you can captivate your customers and drive increased sales in your business.

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