Meat Industry

TKS specializes in providing environmentally friendly materials for the production of Meat & Fish storage cold rooms. Frozen meat storage is a scientifically proven solution for preserving the perishability of meat foods. Enzyme decomposition, oxidation, and microbial growth can compromise the quality of meat products. Freezing effectively inhibits these processes, keeping the meat food in a dormant state and maintaining its original quality for extended periods, ranging from weeks to months, until consumption. Our meat cold storage solutions cater to a wide range of frozen meat products, including poultry, beef, lamb, pork, chicken, duck, goose, fish, seafood, and other meat varieties.

Fish Industry

At TKS Cold Storage, we understand the unique requirements of the fish industry when it comes to preserving freshness and quality. Our state-of-the-art cold storage facilities are designed to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels, ensuring that your fish products stay fresh for longer periods. With our expertise in refrigeration engineering and custom design, we can create tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. Whether you need cold rooms, freezers, or specialized storage for seafood, our solutions are built to deliver exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and reliability. Trust TKS Cold Storage to safeguard the freshness and integrity of your fish products, helping you meet customer demands and maximize your business success.

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