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LCA – Low profile Cooler & Freezer coils: these coils are the standards for commercial applications. They are available as an air defrost, electric and hot gas defrost. These coils should not be considered after 12’interior height.
Model LCA features:

  • Air Defrost with shaded pole motors
  • More capacities – 5,700, 7,000 and 35,000 BTUH models
  • More Accessible:
    • Electrical and piping on opposite ends
    • Access provided through large access panels
  • Schrader valve on suction header
  • Extended Warranty for coil construction:
    3 years protection against tube sheet leaks
TL-Thin Profile


TL-Thin Profile are suitable for limited ceiling height applications. Well-suited for our custom reach in Coolers and Freezers. Applications include Custom Freezers, Ice Cream Boxes, Bakery Freezers and dual-temp reach-in boxes.

They have a normal operating range of +50°F to -20°F. The coils are available with air defrost, Electric defrost and hot gas Defrost. Model TL low temperature unit cooler has a completely automatic defrost system. They are mounted in the top of a refrigerator. They extremely compact as little as 4 ½”” This cabinet makes it possible to utilize the entire top shelf area for storage.

Sufficient space is provided to mount the expansion valve within the cabinet. Systems for both 115 volt and 208-230 volt operation are available.
New: Sweat inlet connection to reduce leaks.


Medium Profile are suited for higher volume commercial accounts and some industrial accounts. Generally rooms from 12′ and up. The throw range is about 50′ They can be fitted to offer more distance. They are available in the Cooler or Freezer application.

Heatcraft’s engineering has resulted in superior high performance medium profile evaporator coils. With features like the innovative Thermo-Flex coil design that carries a five-year limited guarantee against refrigerant leaks, internal grooved tubing for greater heat transfer efficiency and motors that plug into the wiring harness for easier accessibility, these units provide long life and dependability to your refrigeration application.

With 10,000 to 71,000 BTUH size ranges and a modular design that is only 25 inches high, these unit coolers serve a variety of commercial and industrial applications. PSC motors come standard to help you save energy.

Warehouse 1


Warehouse Coolers and freezer coils are for are industrial application. They can be fitted with adapters that offers the airflow capability of 135’ TKS also provides custom coils that can provide even further distance. Consult what your sales rep for more information.

Model LHA is ideal for warehouse cooler/freezer applications. With a wide capacity range and the patented Thermo-FlexTM coil design, these large unit coolers provide efficient, reliable operation. Features include an aluminum cabinet with bonded white enamel finish, 850 RPM motors for low noise and reliability, liquid line solenoid wiring harness for faster installation, suction Schrader fitting for easier suction temperature measurement. Also, the large unit coolers have captive fasteners on access panels for easy servicing – no fumbling with loose bolts and nuts. The LH Series also has a standardized terminal board for easier field wiring.

Options include totally enclosed motors, long air throw collars for large Warehouse/Industrial applications, and insulated drain pans. PSC motors come standard to help you save energy.


ACM – Center Mount Low velocity coils are ideal for work processing rooms, flower boxes, fresh fruit, vegetables, dough retarding, fresh meats and generally for those applications where harsh airflow can present challenges to products and people.

Temperature range is available from +35° to – 10°

The low height gives more head room and allows product to be stacked higher. The center ceiling mount with dual air flow allows shelving and storage of product around all walls.

Also equipped with dual drain pans to prevent sweating, the ACM units have a heavy gauge grained aluminum cabinet that cleans easily and looks attractive. The PVC coated fan guards will not rust or rattle.

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