At TKS, we recognize the utmost importance and sensitivity surrounding the storage of the deceased. Our mortuary coolers are not only essential for preserving bodies but also for maintaining the integrity of internal organs intended for transplantation. Designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of funeral homes, crematoriums, and morgues, TKS’s coolers and freezers offer exceptional functionality.

Our mortuary cooler and freezer units are aimed at reducing funeral costs while providing greater flexibility for both the bereaved and the funeral home. These units are designed to deliver enhanced operational performance, lower energy consumption, and an efficient method for body storage. The interior of the units can be customized to accommodate mortuary roll-in carts, caskets, and dressing tables, ensuring seamless functionality for your specific requirements.

At TKS, we prioritize the delicate nature of the mortuary industry, offering reliable and purpose-built cooling solutions to support your operations. Our mortuary coolers and freezers provide peace of mind, allowing you to focus on providing dignified services to the deceased and their families.

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