Panels are available in a variety of finishes styles

Choice of Panel Finishes

Panels are available in a variety of finishes styles and in approved NSF, UL, FM, or standard construction. Please specify when ordering. The experts at TKS Cold Storage Mfg. and Costruction can also provide consultation on panel selections to fit your requirements.

The following selections are standardly available for the exterior of the walk-in boxes:

Other finishes may be available upon request. Inquire the details from our TKS professionals.


TKS Cold Storage Mfg. and Construction offers a variety of panel styles and specifications. Each panel style offers a specific value to our customers in terms of price value and energy saving.

Panels can be constructed in a range of thicknesses and using different insulation materials – insulation material is available in both Polystyrene and Polyurethane. These specifications will determine the panel’s R-value.

At TKS Cold Storage Mfg. and Construction, we offer refrigeration and panel systems that can be installed indoors or outdoors, offering more flexibility for your refrigerated storage requirements. We can design a system that stands independently or attaches to your building.

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TKS offers a variety of panel styles and specifications. Each panel style offers a specific value to our customers in terms of price value and energy saving. Additionally, the installation process may vary depending on the style of panel a customer elects to purchase.

Both state and federal governments have specific R-value requirements. Most people are following federal guidelines with respect to R-values. Businesses with less than 3,000 square feet of cold storage can follow Title 20 guidelines. Businesses with over 3,000 square feet of storage must follow Title 24.

Under Title 20, The minimum R-value for cooler panels must be R-25 and minimum for freezers panels must be R-value 32.

Under Tile 24, the R-value for coolers minimum must be R-value 28 and the minimum for freezers must be R-value 36.

Freezer floors: Pre-fabricated insulated floors under title 20, again, must be R-28. This applies to insulated concrete floors as well, under Title 20.

Under Title 24, your concrete floor must incorporate a heating system. The two common heating systems are glycol and heat tape. With a glycol heat exchanger, the R-value for the freezer must be at least R-value 20. With low-voltage heat tape the R-value must be R-value 35.

It should be noted that it is highly recommended all freezer floors exceeding 400 ft. 2 incorporate a heating element to prevent floor buckling. This is relatively inexpensive insurance relative to the replacement of the concrete floor as a result of buckling.
These guidelines pertain to any purchase of new panels. Used panels are exempt from these guidelines.

Panels can be constructed in a range of thickness and using different insulation materials. The two standard insulation materials are polystyrene and polyurethane. These two materials have been a source of controversy over the years as to which material is the best. Please discuss with your sales representative which insulation or panel would work best for you.

We offer two different manufacturing processes for the construction of panels:

  • Cam-Loc panel foamed in-place
  • Continuous Line panel


These panels have been the standard of the industry and available in polyurethane. Cam-Loc panels are excellent for commercial accounts with the advantage of faster assembly on site. These panels are available with kin-dried Douglas Fir wood frame perimeter. We also offer high-density foam-inplace polyurethane (no wood), ideal for bellow -0® applications. These panels are 95% closed-cell. The 26-gauge steel and panel are joined together and fastened with steel cam-loc action and steel encased pins.

We also have prefabricated insulated floor. Our floor are designed for easy and quick Installation. Normal installation can be completed in a few hours. Our standard floors are constructed from a wood frame with polyurethane foam Infection. Our standard floors are finished with a N plywood and 26-gauge galvanized metal.

We also offer a heavy-duty floor with reinforced framing. two sheets of 34th plywood with an aluminum diamond plate steel finish.


We also offer a continuous line panel( tongue and groove ) which are ideal for industrial accounts. These panels offer tremendous value and are available in both polystyrene and polyurethane. These have spline and batten joints, which ease the installation process. Generally these panels take more time to assemble than Cam-Lock panel but the price value can overcome the additional cost for installation time.

The one big advantage using polystyrene panels is the span ability of the product. Since it is mush lighter than the density of polyurethane panel it can span further. Depending on the local codes a polystyrene panel can span up to 30 feet without additional structural support. This ability reduces your construction time and cost. Additionally, having a 30 span offers more flexibility with floor space.

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