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The standard delivery time is 3-6 weeks, depending on the time of the season and the options you requested.

Installation time for your box varies depending on the condition of your location. Additionally, installation time will vary depending on the size of the box being installed.

The following is a list of considerations to take into account prior to installing walk-in and drive-in coolers or freezers.

First, you need to determine the space that will be required to place your walk-in box, including the height you will need.
Note: You will need at least 4.5″ or more space above the box to slide the ceiling panels in place, and a minimum of 2″ air space on each wall to prevent condensation and mold.

Next is selecting a well-vented location for your condensing unit. The ideal location would be outdoors, typically on the roof of your building near the box, or a ventilated cooled area for in-doors.

Electrical Power
Determining your electrical power will need to be established before an order can be placed for your condensing unit. Generally, power is available in single or three phase. We will need to know how many Amperes the service panel has available at your particular location. For industrial accounts, 460-480 volts may be available.

The advantage of using three phase and 460-480 volts is the reduction of the amperage required for your system. Furthermore, your voltage will break down to 115 for your smaller items (lights, coils, heaters, and controls), and higher volts 208/230 for your condensing units and some defrost heaters.

Drain Lines
Ensure proper drainage for the condensation water generated by your evaporator coil by identifying a suitable drainage location prior to installation. Typically, a copper line will be connected to the bottom of the coil and directed to the nearest floor sink. Please note that the drain line should maintain a slope of 1/4 inch per linear foot and should not pass through doorways. Proper drainage is essential for efficient operation and maintenance of your system.

You may also drain your condensation line to a funnel or use an electrical evaporator pan. We only would recommend an electrical evaporator pan when the distance to a floor sink is impractical. However, when an electrical evaporator pan is utilized we highly recommend one with float activated sensor. Please note that these electrical evaporator pan units. Please call (800) 370-9907 for more information.


Permits are generally required for all projects. TKS Cold Storage will assist you to obtain a complete set of permit drawings with the County Health Department. You should consult your local building department and health department prior to installing your walk-in refrigerator.

Normally your walk-in cooler will be sitting on level concrete floor. Our installers have the ability to overcome uneven floors, but doing so is not the best solution. All your wall panels must be level in order to properly align your cam-locs. Your doors will not open and close properly if the wall panels are not level.

Flooring finishes requirements will vary per your Country Health Department. Normally with a walk-in cooler or freezer where you have open containers, you may require an approved finish, such as tile, epoxy, or stainless steel metal. A concrete floor with an approved commercial sealer is generally acceptable for packaged goods.

If your walk-in cooler will be installed on a wooden floor, you will need to purchase an insulated floor. Note: All walk-in freezers will require an insulated floor.

For industrial walk-in freezer where forklifts will be used, insulating the concrete floor is required. Insulating concrete floor can be done below the existing surface or raised above the existing floor. Different type and amount of loads will require different specifications. See our Flooring section for more information.

All panels come with up to five year warranty, glass doors come with a two year parts and labor, and one year warranty on all other parts. For an optional fee, you can purchase an extended warranty on your compressor for an additional 4 more years. If installed by TKS Cold Storage, we will provide a 90 day labor warranty on the services for all parts, and cover the installation work with a 1 year warranty.

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