TKS Cold Storage Mfg. and Construction offers a vast selection of doors to accommodate any application. Custom-built doors are available upon request. In California, self-closing doors are required by building code and come standard.

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Standard Entry Door

Standard entry door is available in “overlapping” and flush “in-fitting” style, from 2’6″ up to 5′ wide. Our doors are designed for use in environmentally controlled buildings, such as freezers and coolers. All of our doors are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Our 3′ door is suitable for hand trucks while our 60″ door is suitable for pallet jacks. For higher volume we recommend our larger sliding doors.

Horizontal sliding door

Horizontal Sliding Door​

Sliding Doors are available from 3′ up to 20′ wide for warehouse applications and come in either manual or electric for easier operation. These doors are perfectly suited for applications where space limitations restrict the use of swinging doors, or when installation space is available only on one side of the door opening. Horizontal sliding doors are most suitable when opening speed is not of great importance. Typically it is utilized for both pedestrian and material handling traffic, and available with electric or manual operation.

bi-parting horizontal door

Bi-Parting Horizontal Sliding Door​​

Bi-parting doors offer a few more additional benefits. These doors are often used when space is limited and when a full-size door cannot be utilized. On a manual door, one section can open independently of the other, providing ease of access. With electric doors, opening time is reduced in half; thereby making it a rapid opening door. This particular bi-parting door reflected in this photo incorporates an entry door commonly referred to as a wicket door. Wicket doors are also available with other sliding doors.


High Speed Door

High speed doors are designed for rapid door openings. We offer two models: The fastest opens a standard 8 x 10 door in 1.25 seconds. The second model opens a standard 8 x 10 door in 2 seconds. These doors are often used for clean rooms to maintain contaminants from entering the room. An additional application for high speed door is when doors are required to be left open for a long period of time which is common in the produce industry. Normally, strip curtains are used; however, they are not efficient enough. As a result, these rooms are fitted with a large refrigeration system. This results in higher equipment cost, higher construction cost and much higher utility cost. It should be noted that a fast moving forklift cannot destroy these doors. For more information, contact your sales representative.

Sectional Overhead Door

Sectional Overhead Door​

This door is designed for operation in tight spaces where side room and head room are limited. It is most efficient for use in coolers, freezers, and industrial/commercial buildings.


Vertical Lift Door

This type of sliding door is ideal for applications where there is minimum side room, or when several door openings are close together. It is suitable for drive-thru traffic in conjunction with forklifts and other freight transfer vehicles. Available with electric or manual operation. If the head room is limited to slightly more than half the door height, a double vertical lift door is also available.


Glass Door

Glass Doors are a vital element for retailers. Their focus is to maximize the sales of food & beverage products through better merchandising. The key element we look for in a glass door manufacturer is finding the largest available glass doors. Larger doors allow for better display of the products and provide greater access to more products per door. Smaller doors, which are constructed of more metal and glass, fail to maximize the retail potential.

Door Options

Single/Double Acting Door

Single Acting Traffic Doors are designed to increase productivity from fast and efficient, one way movement through a door opening. Double acting doors allow you to speed the movement of your personnel or materials between two areas in your building by eliminating the stop, open, move through and manually close actions that a traditional single, one way swing door requires. There are no door levers or knobs to turn, the door opens easily in both directions with a hand push or when impacted by a hand truck, pallet jack or even fork lift and then automatically returns to its closed position after you have passed through the opening.

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