Strip Curtains

It is important to know that a significant amount of refrigeration or BTUs is lost while your doors are in the open position. It is estimated that as much as 40{4009567395d92f33cc36fb423fb3e1ebf89d53229f5c4a3a78967f8c04911da2} of BTUs is lost during this occurrence. In some cases, the doors are left open for hours at a time, especially during loading time.

Strip doors and curtains help you maintain cold temperatures in refrigerated areas and create a rugged barrier for control of heat, dust, drafts, insects and in some case birds, in warehouse or dock door applications.

Save money on initial investment
When performing refrigeration calculation on our Warehouse Walk-In Coolers & Freezers, our customers receive an immediate price reduction in refrigeration equipment as a direct result of the utilization of strip curtains. Condensing units and coil sizes are reduced, which will save customers the upfront cost. Furthermore, additional saving on your installation is realized by the reduction in pipe sizes and Freon gas required for your compressor.

Save money on energy expenses
In warehouses, strip doors are a must for controlling environmental conditions, saving money, and ensuring worker safety with full visibility and easy passage for foot and vehicular traffic. When walk-in doors are left open, warm air rushes in to cause an immediate increase of inside walk-in temperatures. When you lower the thermostat to keep perishables cooler, you raise your energy costs by at least 6{4009567395d92f33cc36fb423fb3e1ebf89d53229f5c4a3a78967f8c04911da2} per degree!

Extend compressor life
Strip curtains significantly reduce energy consumption by reducing defrost time, eliminating coil icing on your coolers and maintaining refrigeration temperatures. This is very important since running time is reduced consequently compressor life will be extended.

Increase the shelf life of your perishables
Strip doors trap in cold air, keeping food fresher, while allowing full visibility and easy access for personnel. The shelf life of perishables can be increased by up to 50{4009567395d92f33cc36fb423fb3e1ebf89d53229f5c4a3a78967f8c04911da2} through maintaining a more consistent temperature inside walk-in coolers and freezers. At the end of day you can’t afford not to install Strip Curtains.