Special 1: TKS Advanced 8 Door Reach-in Cold Box

Introducing the 8 Door Reach-in Cold Box – the perfect addition to your convenience store! Valid from June 26 to September 30, this durable and reliable cold storage solution is brought to you by TKS Cold Storage Mfg. & Construction.

Featuring 8 like-new doors that were removed just two months after installation, this used reach-in cooler is in excellent condition. The 4″ polyurethane box ensures superior insulation, maintaining the optimal temperature for your perishable goods.

With a generous storage size of 21′ 0″ x 3′ 5″ x 8′ 0″ high, you’ll have ample space to organize and display your products. The box is constructed with standard galvanized steel, both on the interior and exterior, providing lasting durability.

Thanks to the Class 1 polyurethane wall and roof panels, boasting a 4″ thickness and an impressive R-value of 33, your items will be protected from external temperature fluctuations, ensuring maximum freshness.

The Legacy Series 30″ x 79″ cooler door and frame assembly is equipped with two pane LOW-E glass, filled with gas for enhanced insulation. The perimeter frame heaters ensure minimal condensation, while the HEATER CONTROLLER allows for precise temperature control.

Enjoy excellent visibility inside the cooler with the KEY T8 LED electronic lighting, operating at 120V 60Hz. Easily illuminate your products with the convenient LIGHT SWITCH.

Organize your items effortlessly with the 56 LACK epoxy-coated shelves, complete with price tag molding and measuring 27″ deep. The full-length handle ensures easy access to your products, while the included dial thermometer and switch allow for precise temperature monitoring.

For your convenience, this package also includes a new refrigeration package, complete with a 2.5hp condensing unit and two new evaporator coils. Additionally, installation services are available in your area.

Upgrade your convenience store with the 8 Door Reach-in Cold Box and ensure your perishable goods are stored in optimal conditions.

Special 2: Modernized Cannabis Storage

Modern cannabis growing lights

TKS Cold Storage MFG. & Construction company is offering a fantastic opportunity for all cannabis growers. We currently have a limited number of new panels available at a significantly reduced selling price due to a cancellation. This is your chance to save big on your cannabis cold storage investment!

At TKS, we specialize in providing comprehensive services for the cannabis and horticulture industry. Our project consultation services cover everything from soil to processing, ensuring that every aspect of your project is carefully considered and executed to perfection. Our services include site evaluation, architectural and MEP engineering services, structural engineering, plan submittal and review, panel and mechanical installations, general construction, project management, and even 100% financial services. By bundling all these services together, we can offer a cost-effective tailor made solutions to our customers.

As an OEM dealer, we have the advantage of purchasing directly from major brands, factory direct. This allows us to obtain significant discounts, which we gladly pass on to our customers. Rest assured that when you work with TKS, you’ll be receiving the highest quality products at the best prices in the industry.

We take pride in utilizing the latest growing room construction techniques to provide the best environment for your cannabis cultivation. Our panels offer the highest R-value available, guaranteeing year-round temperature control and energy savings for the lifetime of the box.

As mentioned earlier, due to a cancellation, we currently have new panels available at a substantial reduction to the selling price. Take advantage of this opportunity and give us a call at your earliest convenience to secure your order.

Here are the quantities and specifications of the panels available:

Flower Rooms:

  • 70 QTY: 4-5/8″ Wall Panels SW/SW 13′ 0″
  • 42 QTY: 6″ Wall Panel SW/SW 13′ 0″
  • 14 QTY: 10″ Ceiling Panel SW/SW 19′ 10 5/8″
  • 28 QTY: 10″ Ceiling Panel SW/SW 19′ 11 7/8″
  • 14 QTY: 10″ Ceiling Panel SW/SW 20′ 1 5/8″

Dry Trimming Room:

  • 50 QTY: 4-5/8″ Wall Panels SW/SW 13′ 0″
  • 11 QTY: 6″ Wall Panel SW/SW 13′ 0″
  • 11 QTY: 10″ Ceiling Panel SW/SW 16′ 8 7/8″
  • 11 QTY: 10″ Ceiling Panel SW/SW 16′ 9 3/8″

Bloom and Veg Room:

  • 54 QTY: 4-5/8″ Wall Panels SW/SW 14′ 0″
  • 16 QTY: 6″ Wall Panel SW/SW 14′ 0″
  • 16 QTY: 10″ Ceiling Panel SW/SW 19′ 8 7/8″
  • 16 QTY: 10″ Ceiling Panel SW/SW 19′ 9 1/2″

In addition to the panel packages, we also offer trim packages and can provide detailed information on freight and shipping charges. Please note that the shipping cost is an estimate and will be added to the final invoice based on the volatile demand and cost fluctuation of freight.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Call us today to secure your order and take your cannabis cultivation to the next level with TKS Cold Storage MFG. & Construction.