Light Fixtures

Quanta Crossfire High Bay LED

This new Quanta Crossfire High Bay LED  fixture was specifically designed to replace and illuminate the same area as a 450 watt metal halide light fixture and will do so using only 120 watts of input power. That’s nearly a 75{4009567395d92f33cc36fb423fb3e1ebf89d53229f5c4a3a78967f8c04911da2} savings!

Besides the direct energy savings, our customers will find there to be less heat generation from the fixture (less watts = less heat) so further savings can be accrued due to reduced refrigeration run time.  Additional labor, materials (and for some, rental equipment) savings can come from not having to periodically replace burnt bulbs. The very bright Quanta Crossfire High Bay LED  is very important when it comes to qualifying for the new Title 24 stringent  light calculations.

The Quanta Crossfire High Bay LED fixture can be used in either sub-zero freezers or in unconditioned warehouses (rated for use in -50F to +150F environments) and carries a factory 5 year replacement warranty, but the fixture was designed to last at least 50,000 hours.  That would be over 5 years of ‘continuous’ 24 hour per day maintenance free use!

LED Fixture – IP65 rated, 2 x 18W LED Strips with LED Driver

Interpret drawing per ASME Y14.100

Materials : PC diffuser : Acrylic Case : ABS (HB rated)

IP rating : IP65

Lamp type : 2 x 18W, LED Strips

Driver : LED Electronic, cETL us listed

Input voltage : 90V – 277V 50/60 Hz

Output 1 : 50 V – 0.55A/0.45A

Output 2 : 50 V – 0.55A/0.45A

High Efficiency, Low-Temp Lighting T8 and T5-HO (High Output)

Energy efficient, quick-start at low temperatures for coolers, freezers and other applications requiring water resistance. Advanced energy saving fluorescent fixtures increase efficiency and reduce operating cost. New freezer fixture produces 33{4009567395d92f33cc36fb423fb3e1ebf89d53229f5c4a3a78967f8c04911da2} more light output while using 25{4009567395d92f33cc36fb423fb3e1ebf89d53229f5c4a3a78967f8c04911da2} less energy than previous model. Use fewer fixtures to provide even lighting over a wider area. Energy saving fixture generates less heat than standard models; reduces the cost to maintain required low temperatures.Shatter-proof polycarbonate housing and diffuser are standard. Full gasket assures moisture-proof operation. EZ-mount design, tethered snap-in-place reflector and 60{4009567395d92f33cc36fb423fb3e1ebf89d53229f5c4a3a78967f8c04911da2} lighter fixture weight simplify installation.

Size Nominal 48″. Overall dimensions 49-7/8″ L x 6-3/8″ W x 4-1/4″ H (1267 x 162 x 108mm).
Housing Gray injection molded, high-impact polycarbonate.
Diffuser/Reflector Clear injection-molded, high impact polycarbonate diffuser; high gloss white painted sheet metal reflector; stainless steel snap-on latches for easy access to bulbs and ballast.
Gasket Fire retardant, odor-free and non-toxic.
Ballast Enclosed and mounted on tray with safety tethers.
Freezer, T5HO, start -20°F (-29°C)
Cooler, T8, start 0°F (-17°C).
Power 120vac @ 50/60 Hz; wiring knockouts provided. Complies with NEC regulations.
*230vac fixture available.

Compact Fluorescent Vapor Proof Light Fixture

Meets Federal Energy Regulations for Walk-Ins
GU-24 socket provides sustainable, energy-efficient alternative to standard incandescent walk-in fixtures. Proven self-ballasted compact solution to satisfy new federal energy reduction mandate for 2009. 26W fluorescent fulfills Energy Act requirement of 40 lumens per way. Compact fluorescent lamp uses about 75{4009567395d92f33cc36fb423fb3e1ebf89d53229f5c4a3a78967f8c04911da2} less energy than incandescent 100W bulb and lasts up to 10 times longer. Connects with standard electrical wiring. Available with clear polycarbonate or coated glass globe. Easy retrofit incandescent fixture and meets NSF and UL requirements.

Economical Vapor-Proof Fixtures

Fully gasketed and enclosed to minimize effects of temperature extremes. Junction box has two tabs for surface mounting. Base tapped on four sides and top to accept standard 0.5″ (12.7 mm) conduit. Four threaded plugs provided to seal unused conduit openings.

Material Cast Aluminum box; housing & plugs; chrome-plated steel wire guard. Globe as specified in ordering information
Mounting Surface mounts; drilled for two mounting screws. Five conduit ports accept 1/2″ or 3/4″ pipe thread
UL Listing File No. E57013
Model No. Item Lamp Accepted
(not included)
1802LG0000 Fixture w/ Glass Globe 100W Max.
1802000001 Glass Globe for 1802
1802000002 Wire Guard for 1802
1802000003 Junction box for 1802 100W Max.
1803LG0000 Fixture w/ Lexan Globe 75W Max.
1803000001 Lexan Globe for 1803
1804LG0000 Fixture w/ Plastic Coated Glass Globe 100W Max.
1804LG0034 Fixture w/ Plastic Coated Glass Globe, tapped for 3/4″ pipe 100W Max.
1804000001 Plastic Coated Glass Globe for 1804
CSA models available upon request

Retrofit Kit

Converts existing vapor proof light fixture to 26 watt compact fluorescent lamp. Kit includes housing, GU-24 socket, gaskets, and mounting hardware.

Material Cast Aluminum box, housing and plugs; chrome-plated steel wire guard. Globe as specified in ordering information.
Mounting Surface mounts; drilled for two mounting screws. Five conduit ports accept 1/2″ or 3/4″ pipr thread.
UL listing File No. E57013

H I D  Light Fixture for Metal Halide Lamps

Energy efficient, low glare, high intensity lighting. Ideal for refrigerated storage, warehouses, industrial plants and other indoor areas where economy and energy efficiency are important. Rugged construction with low profile and full gasket. UL 1572 listed as suitable for damp locations. UL listed for metal halide lamps in polymeric lamp containment barriers. Low bay and high bay models. Integrated, multi-tap ballast for 250W and 400W metal halide lamps. Quartz restrike option available for fast startup. One HID fixture can equal the output of up to nine fluorescent fixtures.

Reflector Heavy gauge aluminum
Ballast Multi-tapped, prewired, class H insulated; UL listed; CSA certified for indoor use/ Start up and operation in temprature as low as -40°F or C
Ballast Housing Die-cast aluminum w/ electrocoat finish
Lens Refracting glass lens included
Gasket Heavy-duty, high temp. silicone rubber
Sockets Heavy-duty porcelain mogul base
Power Standard 115-120V. Optional 480V available
Model No. Description
1840000002 250W, low bay 120-480V
1840000004 400W, low bay 120-480V
1850000002 250W, high bay 120-277V
1850000004 400W, high bay 120-277V
For Quartz restrike add QR to end of Model No.
Order lamps separately

Safety Night Light for Vapor Proof Fixtures

Developed for use with vapor proof light fixtures. Miniature light seals into base; easily wired inside the fixture. Constant-on, 7 watt safety light indicates the way for emergency exit from a darkened walk-in cooler or freezer.