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Larkin Condensed Catalog (For All Larkin Refrigeration Components)

The FlexPackâ„¢ provides many features that produce outstanding results for both your refrigeration system and your bottom line.

Flexibility for a wide range of applications

• Modular design accommodates up to 3 compressors (1/2-6HP Hermetic or Scroll)
• System capacity range from 5HP – 18HP (dependent upon cabinet size)

Durability and Reliability

• 14 gauge galvanized steel frame
• 4 year optional compressor warranty

Reduced installation costs and easy serviceability

• Hinged access panels to refrigeration and penetration
• Single point main power
• Clean and intuitive electrical and piping

Energy efficiency and reduced noise

• Remote condenser circuits
• Reduces heat load into space resulting in reduction in air conditioning energy costs
• Recessed, vertical discharge, flush mounted 18″ fans with 1100 RPM motors
• Reduces noise levels

Clean and uniform appearance

• Painted G-90 steel cabinet
• Small footprint

The new ServiceMateâ„¢ is an innovative, standard feature that provides immediate, visual feedback on the status of system control components. This results in reduced diagnostic time and equipment downtime – that translates into cost savings on service calls for customers and time savings for contractors. ServiceMateâ„¢ comes standard on all 3-80 HP air cooled, Discus and Scroll condensing units.