About Copeland®

TKS expertise of nearly 30 years in this field enables us to provide mechanical engineering for any refrigeration application. Along with our expertise, we have the latest computer technology for calculating your BTU requirements.

We feature Copeland® compressors in all our quotations. Copeland® is the leading manufacturer of refrigeration components in the world with unsurpassed quality, reliability, and efficiency.

Copelaweld® is available from 1/8HP to 5HP hermetic reciprocating compressors, providing cost-effective solutions to systems requiring a wide range of evaporating capability.

Copeland Scroll is available from 1HP to 25HP. The big advantage here is due to its unique design, which dramatically improves BTUs production while using a hermetic compressor. The refrigeration scrolls feature fewer moving parts and are highly reliable. All of these add a tremendous price value. Models are available for full temperature range applications, including low temperature to –40°F.

Copelametic® and Copelametic Discus® are available from 1/4HP to 60HP semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors provide premium alternatives for systems requiring full temperature range performance, including low temperature evaporating conditions to –40°F.

K model is the best seller Copeland® semi-hermetic compressor, which features an in-line 2 cylinder configuration and some have been upgraded with electric motor protection.

These compressors have been enhanced with lubrication systems specifically engineered for high reliability and durability with HFC refrigerants and POE lubrications.

Hermetic Compressors

Copeland Scroll Compressors

Copeland Semi-Hermetic Compressors

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