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Turn Key Systems can design and build any number of large storage facilities for indoor or outdoor application. Our outdoor panels offer you the refrigeration (wet storage) and space (dry storage) that you may require to expand your business.  Our advantage is, TKS can build the additional space you need in just a few days.  Although you may still need a permit to build your additional space, the process will not be nearly as extensive as obtaining an exterior building permit approval. This is largely due to the fact that this space is considered as equipment and not a permit-structure. Although you will potentially have a lifetime use in this new space.

For outdoor applications, our panels can stand by themselves, or can be attached to your building, offering endless opportunity to grow your business with utmost flexibility. The panels can easily be expanded and rearranged to meet your business’ growing requirements. Furthermore, these panels can be taken down and transported to a different location and can be reused in your new facility.

Our panels have an ambient rating up to 160°ƒ, allowing you to build right at your property line in most cities. They can be finished in stucco to blend-in with other building at your site. We offer a roofing system that is built right in the panel to protect your walk-in box from the elements.

One of the major advantages of the panels we offer is the ability to span 36’ indoor, and 28’ outdoor without the aid of roof hangers, steel, or wood structure support; to our customers that's value-engineering.

The panels we use are USDA approved, utilizing 26-gauge steel with a white baked-on enamel finish for ease of cleaning and maintenance. We also offer a number of metal finishes including Plastol, Fiberglass Board, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Diamond Plate Steel for a more heavy-duty conditions.

At Turn Key Systems, we design Production Walk-in Cooler and Freezers. Depending on the type of product you are producing, we utilize computerized refrigeration programs that can design a system to meet your specific requirements. With these systems we can easily produce blast coolers and freezers for your operations, bringing your product down to your required low temperature in the specific amount of time needed. No job is too big or too small.

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