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Commercial Refrigeration For Restaurants
Walk In Coolers & Freezers For Restaurants

The restaurant industry is a tough business where turning a profit is no easy task. One way to lower the operation cost is buying the materials in bulk. Also critical is the design of your refrigeration system.

We realize that many employees typically treat the storage box as a reach-in refrigerator. In other words, you need a refrigeration system that can recover fast from the heat exchange of a hot kitchen.

With that consideration, we design our walk-in cooler and freezer with heavy-duty refrigeration systems. Although all doors come with self-closing mechanisms, some employees insist on leaving the door open during product loading and unloading. Our systems are designed to recover quickly, ultimately keeping your perishables fresher and saving you money.

What’s more, we build our door with heavy-duty components designed to hold up to the usage abuse level in the foodservice industry. Our doors are designed with heavy-duty hinges, door handles, and diamond steel kick plates.

We can design and build walk-in coolers and freezers to your specs. Below are example of possible layouts for walk-in coolers, freezers, or combination.

walk-in layouts

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