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Beacon II™

Beacon II™ Refrigeration System is Larkin's patented pre-assembled, factory installed refrigeration system featuring an integrated microcomputer-based electronic control board.

Beacon II™ offers:
• Complete factory installation, wiring and testing which saves time and money!
• Simplified field electrical connections and 24 volt wiring between condensing and evaporator coil
• Preset factory superheat allowing the system to run more efficiently and reducing future adjustments
• Monitors and controls box temperature, evaporator superheat, system status and defrost
• Monitor and make system changes remotely via modem and exclusive Beacon II™ Smart II software with Beacon II™ Smart Controller
• Data logging capabilities with Smart Controller

Beacon II™ Smart Controller is an optional system monitoring and programming control device. It allows for adjustments to be made at the push of a button from a conveniently mounted location. Beacon II™ Smart Controller also allows you to monitor and make changes to the refrigeration system via modem connection from anywhere in the world. One Smart Controller can program and control up to four condensing units with up to four evaporators on each system. That's more control in your hands!

The patented Beacon II™ Smart Defrost system available with Beacon II™ Smart Controller is uniquely designed to predict frost accumulation and initiates defrosts only when they are needed. It also initiates defrosts to react to operation anomalies, like product deliveries and product pull-down. Typical electric defrost systems have 4 defrosts per day. Using the Smart Defrost system can reduce the number of defrosts to 0, 1, or 2 per day. That's a 75% reduction on average. This greatly reduces the amount of energy used and in turn reduces operating costs.

Beacon II™ Smart II Software makes it easy to adjust and monitor one or more refrigeration systems as well as capture minute by minute system conditions. This Windows-based software allows you to connect to the Beacon II™ Smart Controller from anywhere in the world to monitor the systems, make adjustments and log minute by minute system conditions. This data logging capability is critical in the food service industry.

Beacon II Smart Controller


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