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Push Back Shelving System Application

Store Virtually ANY Pallet

The innovative new Push Back system allows customers to store a variety of pallet sizes, 9-legged pallets, and even pallets that are poorly constructed or have no bottom boards. Fabricated of heavy-duty structural steel, the system can be configured with specially strut patterns or wire mesh deck. The Full Support System is available in 2, 3, and 4-deep applications. Capacities up to 3,000# per pallet. Strut pattern configured to customer's requirements (support all types of pallets, including GMA, 9-legged, 3-stringer, block and plastic containers).
Push Back Shelving System California

Retrofit your Drive-In with Push Back System

The drive-in retrofit system allows customers to convert their exising drive-in rack to Push Back - increasing storage capacity by up to 60%. The drive-in retrofit Push Back provides selectivity at each level. All pallets index to the front pick position so fork truck drivers no longer need to drive into the rack structure. This provides a safer work environment and reduces damage to the product and rack.

Examples of Ways to Make Push Back Shelving works for you
Push Back Over Pallet Flow
Push Back Over Pallet Flow
Push Back Over Carton Flow & Floor Stack
Push Back Over Carton Flow & Floor Stack
Push Back with Drive-In Below
Pish Back with Drive-In Below
Floor Mount Push Back
Floor Mount Push Back

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