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Gravity Flow Shelving Systems (GFS & GFM)

Gravity Flow Shelving Systems allow you to display and promote products in any order you choose. The fully adjustablwe shelves, lane dividers, and front product stops give you the ability to organize merchandise in a matter of minutes, and best of all, there are NO TOOLS REQUIRED for assembly.

Gravity Flow Systems (GFS) are so versatile they will accommodate products ranging from single cans, gallons, 6-packs, and even 24-packs cases, in any configuration you desire. Products slide forward for constant rotation. Merchandising has never been so simple. Just look at the convenience!

   Gravity Flow Shelving Systems California


Designed to fit behind your existing glass doors, with the same principle of regular roll-a-way systems, this special shelving unit is deep and strong for merchandising plastic gallons, cases, bottles, and cans. On the GFM Roll-a-way, the shelves may be arranged in a C-shaped configuration so products are very easy to load and remove.

GFS Features:
·  Fully adjustable shelves
·  Labor cost reduction
·  Enhanced visibility of products
·  Easy installation
·  Quality construction
·  Low maintenance
·  Fixed or mobile shelving
·  Deeper shelves
·  Available in black or white

GFM & GFS Roll-A-Way

GFS Accessories:

•  Front Adjustable Product Stop
·   Excellent for merchandising half gallons of milk, juice, punch, and other beverages
·   The Adjustable Front Product Stop allows different size merchandise to be clearly displayed
·   No tools required to adjust the stopper

Front Adjustable Product Stop

•  Drop-In Rollers (3 Styles available)
·   Steel casement heavy-duty rollers for heavy products
·   PVC smooth roller for cases and cartons
·   Grooved Roller for high-tech, automatic merchandising
Drop-In Rollers

•   Floor Guard/Drip Pan
·   Covers up unsightly stains from product leakage
·   Installs directly to the back of front shelf posts
·   Easy removal for cleaning
Floor Gaurd / Drip Pan

•  Adjustable Lane Dividers
·   Easily and quickly adjust to different lane widths
·   Accommodates a variety of product sizes
·   Requires no tools for assembly
Adjustable Lane Dividers

•   Shelf Liner
·   Products effortlessly glide down the specially ventilated plastic glide
·   Easy clean up by removing the liner from the back of the shelving without disturbing lane dividers and other product
·   Available in black or white
Shelf Liner

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