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Temperature Monitoring / Data Logging System


Temperature Monitoring / Data Logging System

It's Saturday morning, you're at a friend's house for a BBQ and your cellphone rings. The e-mailed text message reads: "Walk-in Freezer. Hi-Temp. 20°F."

That's too warm, so you borrow your friend's computer, go online, and log onto your Datalarm® System. Seconds later, you're seeing what's going on at your facility in real time. To see a historical report, you plot a graph or generate a list of temperatures over the last few hours. Convinced that you have a problem, you contact your maintenance people and arranged to meet them at your facility. You have to leave the BBQ, but disaster is avoided and your product is safe.

The Datalarm® System:

  • Constantly monitors against product loss caused by refrigeration failure, power failure or user mishaps.
  • Alerts you when product is in danger
  • Let's you view compartment status in real time from a single computer, on a local network or over the internet.
  • Generates historical reports of temperature performance and compartment status for analysis or for help with HACCP compliance.
The Datalarm® System is designed for simplicity in every aspect of use, from the easy-to-use alarm panels that install onto your monitored compartment, to the real time status and the historical reports generated through your computer using an ordinary web browser. Finally, there is no software to install because the Datalarm® System has its own server, built right in.

Temperature Monitoring / Data Logging System

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